Nepal can be said as a country of adventurous sport because of high peaks, rolling hills, deep gorges, and long rivers. Adventure Sports in Nepal will definitely give you a great experience of thrillers and adventure. Although Nepal is a small country, it is well known for its deadliest challenges, the beautiful scenery of lush green hills, the snow-capped Himalayas, green forests, and white rivers.
It is sure that if you experience any of the Adventure Sport of Nepal it makes your heart beat faster. Whatever adventure you select for yourself will give u a chance to see the magic of nature, and get close to yourself. There are lots of Adventure Sport that you can try in Nepal that will never let your excitement fade away.

1. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is the first thing that made Nepal well known in other countries. The top eight mountains above the height of 8,000 m lie in Nepal including Mt. Everest the highest mountain in the world. There is a much easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable mountain to climb than Mt. Everest. Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, and Cho Oyu are one of the highest mountains in the world that are less climbed than Mt. Everest. There are 1310 peaks discovered and 326 peaks open for climbing in Nepal.

2. Trekking

Trekking is another famous tourist activity to do in Nepal. The challenges may vary from easy to extreme according to the diverse range of landscapes. Trekking is the best option for experiencing natural beauties and cultural heritage. Trekking doesn’t only mean walking but experiencing Nepal’s geographical, cultural and ethnic diversity and making memories of rural communities, shady forests, stunning snow-capped peaks, and icy streams.

3. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an adventurous sport for a thriller and heart-pounding experience. Nepal’s Bungee jumping is considered one of the spectacular jumps on this planet. As you dive from the suspension bridge straight below to the river, the scenery flies very fast in one blink of an eye.

4. Paragliding

Nepal is also famous for paragliding which provides you the experience of thriller, allows you to be airborne, and make u feel like a bird. Paragliding is one of the best Adventure Sport of Nepal which lets you experience the cold air touching your skins, the snow-capped mountains view, the green lush hills and the view from the top make you speechless. You cannot find the best spot to paraglide anywhere in the world other than Nepal.

5. White Water Rafting

As Nepal has many rivers that never dries up, White water rafting is the best adventure sport as you can see the long stretches of clean, bouncy rivers flanked by sandy bitches, forested hills, and rural settlements. When you raft, the adrenaline rush of the water will wash all your fears.

6. Canyoning

If you want to do something unusual and include some serious adventure then Canyoning is the best. When you climb down a canyon the plunging stream of water makes things more challenging. Canyoning is a combination of mountaineering, climbing, diving, and swimming which require rope work, upper body strength, physical fitness, etc.

7. Rock Climbing

If you are facing a problem in your life then rock climbing will be the best adventure that inspires you to take things to your edge and set yourself free in the toughest situation. When you complete rock climbing you will feel like u achieved something really great in your life. Spring is the best time for Rock Climbing and you must be physically fit.

8. Ultralight Flight

The ultralight flight will give you a great experience of leaving the ground and floating with the wind enjoying the beauty of nature. The best time for an Ultralight flight is early autumn to early spring.

9. Sky Diving

Flying above the clouds and falling into the lap of nature will be the perfect mix of adventure and thrill which can be gained from Sky Diving.

10. Hand Gliding

Hand Gliding provides you the feeling of riding the plane by yourself and see the beautiful mountains, scenic beauties with Birds eyes.

11. Zip-line (Zip Flayer)

Zip flyer is a fast, thrilling, breathtaking, and extreme experience that is a little risky in comparison to other adventures. Zip-line of Pokhara was the longest, tallest, and stepped zip-line of length 1860m until the UAE took the honor earlier in 2018.

12. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing needs an experienced guide as it is a little riskier than hill climbing.

13. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking gives one of the best experiences of thrillers and adventure as riding a bike in the clip is a little tough and heart-pounding.