How to get into Nepal

Nepal has always been a popular destination for travelers looking for a different experience. Considered a heavenly paradise, Nepal attracts a great number of travelers. Nepal can be accessed in a number of ways, including by air and by land. There are a limited number of foreign flights into Nepal's single international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport. Entering Nepal is possible by land and several ways available along the country's border side. Nepal Airlines connects Nepal to other countries by air since it is operated outside of Nepal; however, Buddha Air and Shree Airlines have recently been added.

By Air

Unfortunately, there are very few direct flights from Europe, America, and Australia to Nepal. This relates to the fact that Nepal is reachable through connecting flights, which results in stressful experiences. Except for China and India, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Gulf Nations generally operate limited flights into Nepal. There are now over 35 airlines operating in Nepal, ensuring that you have a great experience.

Through Land

Land travel to Nepal is possible through India or China since these two nations share a border with Nepal. From China, you may enter Nepal through Kodari and then take a bus to Kathmandu. You may enter Nepal from India in a number of ways. You can take a train from Gorakhpur to Sunauli or take a bus through Kakarvitta, Birgunj, and other border regions of Nepal.