Oswald has 37 years of experience in culinary hospitality who held various Executive as Chef during his professional life. He earned experience in various cultural environments as well as geographical areas ranging from America, Europe, and Asia namely working in Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Kuwait and Qatar. He has keen interest in a food style that takes on a holistic, simple approach combined modern and classic design and adapting them for a wide range of markets. As an Executive Chief, Oswald managed various hotel resorts/convention center with food and beverage outlets and delivered 5 star standards services to the guests through the events World Petroleum Congress, World Innovation Summit for Education, United Postal Union Congress, COP 18 Climate Change Forum, Motor and International Jewelry Show 2014, DIMDEX 2014 just to name a few. Oswald has been to Nepal many times, involved in trekking expeditions both cultural and adventurous, gained experience and knowledge of trekking in Nepal, and liked both the land and people very much. Oswald's experience and knowledge of various tastes that satisfies people from different cultures and geographical regions around the globe and his interest in globalizing the tastes will be the asset of Belmont Adventure. His experience and knowledge of the needs and behavior of the trekkers and their handling as well as his wider contact will be reflected in the service of the company. And, his own experience.