Trekking in Nepal is only way  to intimately experience the landscape become impressed    in the culture and lifestyle of the local people in mountain. The Himalaya hills contain more than half of the total population of Nepal, and the hillside are marked a network of tracks and the track leads between the delightful local villages.

We basically categorized trek into two types:

Tea House Trek:

Where you stay a comfortable in small picturesque villages and eat delicious food as per lodge menu. A short tea house trek can be Minimum 3 nights 4 days to maximum 25 nights to 26 days.  

Camping Trek:

Camping treks on more remote trail where more where everything brought along with the group and food cook along the way. A short camping trek can be Minimum 5 nights 6 days   to maximum 27 nights 28 days.

Both  treks  as easy  or  difficult as your desire ; we can cater  for any age group and for  any  level  of experience in all season. The trekking bring great number of landscape from the lowland hillsides covered with rice paddy, rhododendron forest, filled   flora and fauna  and magical  panoramic  view of  many famous  mountain